Monday, May 30, 2016

Car Tires: What to Look For

When it comes to shopping for car tires, the first place you look for research should be your vehicle’s owner manual. This booklet documents the specifications of the tires you need for your vehicle. No one tire is universal between vehicles, for example. Performance tires are designed for light and fast vehicles, just as truck tires are meant for bearing the burden of large and powerful vehicles.

Once you’ve identified the tire you need for your vehicle, then you can begin reading through reviews and consumer ratings on individual tires. Consider the following elements of an ideal tire.

Tread Pattern

Car tires are designed with tread patterns that facilitate greater traction when driving. The design of treads enables you to maximize grip with the road, rather than skidding when turning. Proper treading can even help in preventing hydroplaning during rainy weather. Each tire has its own unique treads, but the best tires are those that utilize effective engineering practices for such things as removing water from the tire surface for better traction.

Season or Terrain

Car tire manufacturers design these products for a specific range of uses, which means you should know what conditions you plan to drive in. Beyond the obvious answer of getting from Point A to Point B, there are custom-built products, meant for specific terrain types, such as mud tires or winter tires. Usage outside of these terrain types can cause different types of wear, and specific tires are often expensive enough to warrant removal when you aren’t planning mudding trips or when winter is over.

Tire Life

Much as we would like all elements of a car to remain permanent and indestructible, tires, like the rest of your car, wear with time. The treads on a tire gradually wear away after prolonged use and begin to expose tread wear bars, a precursor to tires popping. You can easily track when a tire needs to be replaced simply by the total number of miles you’ve driven with them in place. A typical tire can last anywhere from 50,000 to more than 70,000 miles. It's important to find a quality tire guaranteed to last or at least have a decent warranty where replacements can be obtained for little-to-no cost.

Purchasing the right tires for your car is an investment in your vehicle’s health and safety for its passengers. Not only do you need the assurance that a tire will get you from Point A to Point B, but you need to know it’s a quality investment that won’t damage your car’s alignment, suspension and other critical elements. Doing your research is a huge step in becoming more educated about what makes a good tire and what best suits your car’s needs.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Obsessive, Secretive Race to Make the Perfect Tire for Electric Cars

The Chevy Bolt sits on 17-inch Michelin tires.JOSH VALCARCEL/WIRED
EVERY TIRE YOU’VE ridden on is balancing act, the triangulation of qualities that negate each other. Great-handling tires don’t last. Durable tires are loud. Quiet tires can’t handle. The rubber wrapped around the wheels on every new car is a carefully crafted compromise that favors some traits over others, because you can’t have it all.
Electric vehicles complicate things further, because they demand more of everything. They lack the roar of an engine to drown out the brain-numbing drone of rubber on asphalt, so quiet matters. Range is crucial, so the tires must play their part in pulling every mile from every watt. The torquey performance demands rubber stout enough to keep up. And electrics are expensive enough without worrying about buying them new shoes every few thousand miles.
That’s why Teslas and Chevy Bolts share track time with Corvettes and Camaros (along with Accords, Camrys, Sentras, and plenty of others) at Michelin’s R&D center near Greenville, South Carolina. Engineers and test drivers put new designs through rigorous tests on a plethora of surfaces at sprawling test track shrouded in trees to ward off Peeping Pirellis.
These engineers juggle more than 200 variables—rubber compounds, construction methods, sidewall design, belt arrangement, tread design, groove width, and so on—to find the best combination for a given manufacturer and model.
For Formula E’s race cars, Michelin specially developed the Pilot Sport EV tire.MICHELIN
For the Bolt, coming later this year, Michelin delivered what it calls its best tire ever, at least in terms of rolling resistance. That’s the tendency for a tire to deform, requiring more energy to keep it rolling. The less energy you expend there, the farther you go on a charge, making a stiffer tire optimal. The tradeoff, though, is comfort. A steel wheel, for example, offers negligible rolling resistance, but is no fun to ride on. Michelin declined to reveal exactly how good the Bolt tire’s performance is.

To get there, the engineers created a customized compound and construction that stiffens the tire without degrading comfort. The variation of the Energy Saver All-Season tires going on the Bolt also are self-sealing in the event of a puncture, eliminating the need for a spare or even an inflation kit. That saves weight, which also helps boost range. Acoustics were a factor in the tire’s design—down to tweaking tread patterns, block sizes, and groove widths to minimize noise—but it wasn’t as much of a driving concern because the car’s relatively lower speeds won’t generate quite as much noise as Tesla’s more performance- and luxury-oriented lineup.


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Monday, May 16, 2016

Tesla selects Hankook Tire as main supplier for Model 3

Tesla finalized its deal with Hankook Tire after the electric car maker compared various samples submitted by competing tire manufacturers from around the world. The report also indicates that Hankook will be developing a special tire designed specifically to maximize range presumably as a result of reduced rolling resistance under normal load.
Tesla is no stranger when it comes to partnering with tire manufacturers to produce leading-edge tire technology for its fleet of electric vehicles. The company has even gone as far as designing a noise reducing tire technology with Continental Tire for the the Model S through the use of foam injection.
Hankook Tire produces over 92 million tires per year and is the supplier of original equipment tires to some of the world’s leading automakers, including Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, and soon Tesla.

Monday, May 9, 2016

The 5 Hottest Restaurants in Miami Right Now

More often than not, tipsters, readers, friends and family of Eater have one question: Where should I eat right now?- Well, find here the pñaces suggested by Eater Heatmap and enjoy!.

1 Able & Baker
Able and Baker flips the switch on the whole speakeasy concept by placing the bar and lounge in the front, and the eatery in the back. The bar program upfront features libations by Tatanka Guerrero, co-founder of Radio Bar and other local nightlife successes while in the back for food there's A and B Food & Co., where guests can dine on a six-course Japanese Kaiseki meal.

2 Ariete

Ariete has delivered Coconut Grove the neighborhood restaurant it so desperately needed. With the kitchen helmed by former Cypress Room sous chef Michael Beltran, it serves up elevated American cuisine — think grilled oysters topped with bone marrow butter and short rib — in a laid back, friendly environment that makes you want to sit down and stay awhile.

3 Bachour Bakery + Bistro

This is not your average bakery, but when pastry chef extraordinaire Antonio Bachour is creating the goods, you know it won’t be. For his namesake bistro and bakery, Bachour has teamed up with Henry Hané to create a menu that exhibits his signature, jaw-dropping sweets, but also serves up savory dishes like truffle-filled breakfast sandwiches, black grouper corn bisque, smoked salmon tartines.

4 Beaker & Gray

This bar slash eatery features a "globally-inspired menu" by chef Brian Nasajon with dishes like shrimp and chorizo churros, grilled oxtail and risotto and an impressive beverage program spearheaded by Broken Shaker and Blackbird Ordinary alum, Ben Potts, served up at the 13-person marble bar complete with iPhone charging stations.

5 Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market

Doral isn’t exactly known for housing authentic Japanese eats, but that’s all changing with newcomer Dragonfly. Located in the new Downtown Doral complex it features a main dining room and a traditional fish market that is modeled after the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan. On the menu a variety of new and old-school Japanese dishes like sushi rolls, a bevy of robata options, Japanese seafood pancakes, garlic blue crab fried rice; neck-to-tail chicken tastings menu. As for drinks expect an elaborate cocktail program and all the overflowing sake you can handle.

Monday, May 2, 2016

New Firestone Tire Built to Go Farther, Last Longer

Bridgestone has announced the release of the all-new Firestone Champion™ with Fuel Fighter Technology™ tire for cars and minivans. Built to last, the Firestone Champion tire is backed by a 70,000 mile limited treadwear warranty* and is engineered with fuel-efficient technology that gives drivers more miles per fill-up. The Champion tire from Firestone provides dependable, all season performance in dry, wet and winter driving conditions.

The Champion name represents a legacy of trusted performance for the Firestone brand. Firestone launched its first Champion passenger tire in the 1930s and the Deluxe Champion name adorned Firestone race tires during the 1940s and 1950s. Today’s reintroduction of the Champion name for Firestone passenger tires coincides with another important milestone on the 115-year old brand’s journey. Firestone is the Official Tire of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race® and will celebrate its 67th victory at the 100th running of "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing" on May 29. Firestone earned its first Indy 500 victory at the inaugural running in 1911.

The Firestone Champion tire will replace the Firestone Affinity and Precision touring tires. The Firestone Champion is engineered with a 21 percent improvement in rolling resistance over the Firestone Affinity. Rolling resistance is friction or the force resisting a tire as it rolls across the road surface. When rolling resistance is reduced, the tire rolls more easily, improving fuel economy.

The Champion tire is the latest Firestone brand product offering from Bridgestone, the world’s largest tire and rubber company. Backed by a 30-Day Buy & Try Guarantee**, the Firestone Champion tire now is available in the United States and Canada, in 48 sizes, 14” to 18” rim diameters.