Tuesday, June 30, 2015

When is Road Force Balance Overkill?

Can road force balancing really make a difference?
To answer the question of whether road force balancing is overkill, we should probably start by reviewing some basics. We balance tire/wheel assemblies primarily to eliminate, as much as possible, vibration. Vibration produces ride disturbances that are uncomfortable for the driver and passengers and may cause uneven tire wear.
Some vehicle vibrations are the result of normal operation; even the best engines, transmissions and drivelines naturally produce some vibration. Others are due to some type of abnormal condition such as engine or transmission problems, driveshaft and axle failures, suspension wear or failure, improper wheel alignment, brake wear or failure, wheel bearing wear, tire/wheel assembly imbalance, out-of-round tire or wheel, or the force variation of a tire.
That’s quite a list, but everything beyond the last three items is beyond the scope of our discussion, so let’s assume that we have eliminated all of the non-tire and wheel related issues.
All tires have some amount of static and dynamic imbalance. Whether it causes any problems is a function of the amount of imbalance, the wheel and tire combinations, and how the tire/wheel assemblies interact with the vehicle.
Static imbalance makes a tire/wheel assembly vibrate up and down. Dynamic imbalance causes the assembly to shimmy from side to side.
Since the introduction of the modern spin balancer, most tire/wheel assembly balancing equipment has been able to accurately diagnose and correct both dynamic and static imbalance. However, balancers can only fix balance problems. Even the most sophisticated balancers cannot eliminate vibrations from a bent wheel or an out-of-round or irregularly worn tire.
What’s Acceptable?
All tire manufacturers test tires at their manufacturing facilities for uniformity, including road force variation, conicity (the tendency to roll like a cone), ply-steer (the tendency to crab sidewise) and balance. Acceptable levels of uniformity vary among manufacturers, tire lines and the planned distribution channel for the tire.
Not surprisingly, the most uniform tires typically go to the automakers for OE fitment. How much variation is acceptable for independent tire dealers versus the discount clubs is probably something that is not discussed in public.
Road Force Balancers
So what does a road force balancer actually do? Road force balancers, in addition to performing a traditional spin balance, measure both the wheel and tire by pressing a large roller against the tread of the spinning tire. The roller applies 1,200 to 1,400 pounds of pressure to simulate the weight of the vehicle on the tire as it rolls down the road.

A computer in the machine, along with various sensors, determines variations of tire stiffness, radial runout and anything in the tire’s construction (such as inconsistencies in the belt package) that would prevent the tire from rolling smoothly when it is weighted by the car. By measuring both the wheel and tire, the road force balancer tells the technician where to move the tire around on the wheel until the effective high spot of the tire (when it is rolling on the car) matches the low spot of the wheel – a more sophisticated method of match mounting.

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

This Mad, One-Of-A-Kind Ferrari Has A 750 HP Twin-Turbo V12

If you fancy driving a concept-like Ferrari from the 90s and you want it to go as fast as it looks, then the Testa D’Oro Colani is for you… If you have around $1.7 / €1.52 million that you can spare, that is.

It has a story as unique as it is to look at. The base is a 
Ferrari Testarossa, and the engine is the familiar flat-twelve. However, in this application it’s been fitted with twin turbochargers and makes a claimed 750 PS, making it good for a top speed of 218 mph or 351 km/h.

The idea behind it was to be a Bonneville Salt Flats and it belongs to Luigi Colani, renowned industrial designer. He imagined it as record attempt machine with an ultra-slippery body and it reportedly was very successful on the flats.

Check more clicking: http://www.carscoops.com/2015/06/this-mad-one-of-kind-ferrari-has-750-hp.html

Thursday, June 25, 2015

2016 Chevrolet Cruze: First Look

·         Competes with: Dodge Dart, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra
·         Looks like: A mini-Malibu
·         Drivetrains: 153-hp, turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder; six-speed manual or optional six-speed automatic transmission; front-wheel drive
·         Hits dealerships: Early 2016

Chevrolet is a busy brand this year, unveiling five new or heavily redesigned vehicles across its lineup in the first six months of 2015. In addition to the Camaro, Volt, Spark and Malibu, we now see the fifth component of that new showroom: the redesigned 2016 Chevrolet Cruze compact sedan. Despite it being a top-seller for the brand, it's still not one of the sales leaders in the competitive compact segment.
Chevy is hoping to change that by updating its globally best-selling model with a version specific to North America that's a little different in terms of style and content from the car it sells abroad.
Outside, the new Cruze is longer, lower and leaner than the previous generation, measuring 2.7 inches longer than the outgoing model but with a roofline that's about an inch lower than before. The windshield and rear glass are more steeply raked for a sleeker, more aerodynamic profile, stretching back to an integrated rear spoiler that helps the Cruze generate some top-notch aero numbers. 

Inside, passenger room has been improved as well, with more legroom for rear passengers thanks to more than a half-inch increase in the car's wheelbase. Chevrolet claims that rear passengers will enjoy more rear knee room than in the Ford Focus or Hyundai Elantra. Up front, a new instrument panel with a repositioned shifter and cupholders sits between the front seats, while the panel itself receives a new layered look that features piano-black, matte-black and bright accents depending on trim level, which have now changed to L, LS, LT and Premier. 

Under the Hood
The overall changes to the body structure, suspension, powertrain and interior have delivered a car that weighs 250 pounds less than the previous model, despite the car's increased length and wheelbase. It'll be powered by a standard 153-hp, turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine that's mated to a standard six-speed manual transmission. A six-speed automatic will be optional, and a diesel engine is slated to arrive in 2017.
The car will feature 10 standard airbags, including frontal driver and passenger, roof-mounted side curtain airbags in both rows, front and rear seat-mounted side-impact airbags and front knee airbags. Optional equipment includes blind spot warning, rear cross-traffic alert, lane keep assist and forward collision alert, but no auto-braking function.
The 2016 Chevrolet Cruze is set to show up in dealer showrooms early next year. 

see more at: https://www.cars.com/articles/2016-chevrolet-cruze-first-look-1420680649856/

Saturday, June 20, 2015

5 Secret Islands in Florida

For a truly laid-back vibe, these five lesser-known islands off Florida's Gulf Coast offer the ultimate easy escape.
Find A Hidden Florida Vacation Spot
We've rounded up a handful of lesser-known islands like Matlacha and Cayo Costa off of Florida's Gulf Coast that offer breathing room, intimate accomodations, and easy access to water for a relaxing, unique vacation. Following is all the information you need to visit one of these five undiscovered paradises.

Discover Matlacha/Pine Island
Located just west of Ft. Meyers, the tiny town of Matlacha is the perfect island getaway for a quiet and realxing vacation. With local art galleries, infamous food, and prime fishing, you'll wish you discovered this paradise sooner. A little down the road, Pine Island offers a peaceful stay, with waterside accommodations in historic hotels, outstanding seafood, and fun beach activites like cruisers and kayaks.

Uncover Cabbage Key/Cayo Costa
Florida's Cabbage Key is the perfect island for nature lovers--featuring multiple trails studded with mangroves, gumbo limbo, and other exotic plants. Take a trip to nearby Cayo Costa State Park for ideal kayaking and fishing. Quaint hotels like the Cabbage Key Inn and delicious, fresh seafood add to the overall package of this hidden paradise.

Discover Boca Grande/Gasparilla Island
Take a trip to the pristine town of Boca Grande--the Palm Beach of Gasparilla Island. This easy-going, but upscale island boasts stylish shops and boutiques, as well as to-die-for seafood restaurants. In the off-season, beachgoers can have the water to themselves, going the whole day without seeing anyone.

Explore Pass-A-Grille
Enjoy the lively island of Pass-A-Grille, just off of St. Petersburg. This hidden paradise is only a block wide, but features quirky art galleries and shops, delicious drinks and dining, and a number of historic, quaint hotels. If you're up for it, you can even experience a kayoga class--a mixture of kayaking and yoga.

Discover Cedar Key
A little bit north of Tampa, the sleepy island of Cedar Key is sure to make for a calm, enjoyable vacation. Free of stoplights and franchises, this paradise allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature, and features a National Wildlife Refuge, which guests can enjoy by kayak. On a delicious note, Cedar Key is known for its multiple versions of fresh and local clam chowders.

see more visiting: http://www.coastalliving.com/travel/gulf-coast/florida-vacation-islands

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Quietest and Most Comfortable Tire?

With an unparalleled combination of a silky smooth ride and a noise level to match, the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus has charmed its way onto many of our customers' vehicles. At over two million miles reported, the tire has rocketed to the number one position of our survey results. As one of the Tire Rack's test drivers, I wholeheartedly agree. 

Many tires do one or two things very well at the expense of other characteristics (this is the reason for different tire categories). The Pirelli somehow manages to maintain a quiet, comfortable ride with good wet, dry and snow traction to boot. In addition, Pirelli wanted to provide the longevity and fuel economy that savvy consumers expect from a premium Grand Touring All-Season tire. 

In order to relay their dedication to offering the preceding, Pirelli gave the P7 All Season Plus a rock solid 70,000-mile treadlife warranty and equipped it with their EcoImpact low rolling resistance technology. 

Drivers of luxury touring cars want a tire with as much refinement as their vehicle itself. Pirelli has served notice that its flagship touring style tire is at the top of the game and our customers agree. If the ride of your Mercedes-Benz C300, Audi A6, Lexus IS 350 or other luxury car isn't what it once was, The Cinturato P7 All Season Plus can bring it back to where it deserve to be.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC: First Look

·         Competes with: BMW X3, Audi Q5, Acura RDX, Lincoln MKC
·         Looks like: Less boxy, more generic, likely more popular than the GLK
·         Drivetrain: 241-hp, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder; 273 pounds-feet of torque; rear- or all-wheel drive
·         Hits dealerships: November 2015
Many people may be trying to decipher the new names Mercedes-Benz has bestowed on its SUVs but the new GLC should be an easy one to digest. Think of it as the C-Class of the brand's SUVs. Replacing the GLK, this new design looks to have all the attributes we like in the C-Class - which won our Best of 2015 award - in an SUV wrapper.
The GLK was a boxy little SUV that tried to ape the style of the iconic Mercedes G wagon, with an emphasis on the word "tried." It wasn't bad looking but certainly didn't sway buyers in this competitive class.
Every surface that was boxy is now curvaceous on the GLC. It's not as aggressive looking as the smaller GLA - and it shouldn't be - and from the side it has a generic resemblance to Audi's Q5. A unique kink in the rear cargo door below the glass and badging really makes up for the generic profile though. 
There are 19- and 20-inch wheels optional, but the standard wheel size was not provided at press time.
There's no question that the GLC is based on the C-Class sedan once you get a gaze inside. The same upscale materials appear to be used here with a seemingly identical cockpit and dashboard layout to the C-Class.
A large 7-inch display screen is standard controlled by both a control knob and a touchpad. Mercedes' MB-Tex simulated leather is standard with leather and Nappa leather optional. Trim choices also appear similar to the C-Class with standard brown wood with black pinstripe trim or optional piano-black and open-pore ash.
The GLC is larger outside and inside versus the GLK, and while the automaker didn't reveal full interior dimensions it said rear legroom and front shoulder room have both increased 2.2 inches.
Cargo room has also grown with initial figures from Mercedes listing the space behind the rear seats at 20.5 cubic feet and 56.5 cubic feet with the 40/20/40 backseat lowered. Mercedes also says it creates a flat load floor but no pictures of the cargo area were provided at press time.
Under the Hood
Only two models were announced at launch for the U.S. in November, the rear-wheel-drive GLC 300 and the GLC 300 4Matic, which has all-wheel drive. Both are powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine good for 241 horsepower and 273 pounds-feet of torque teamed to a nine-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter. In all-wheel-drive models, power is split 45/55 percent between front and rear wheels.
Mercedes also says it has reduced the weight 176 pounds versus the outgoing GLK. Mileage figures will be released closer to the SUV's on-sale date.
An air suspension - dubbed Air Body Control - will be offered as an option that will lower the GLC 0.6 inches when put in Sport+ mode. That and other driving modes can be selected using a switch on the center console similar to the C-Class. Other modes include Eco, Comfort, Sport and Individual.  There is also an optional head-up display.

The GLC will sport a number of standard and optional safety systems. Collision warning and Attention Assist are standard. A Driver Assistance Package includes steering assist, Pre-Safe brake with pedestrian detection, Cross-Traffic Assist, a blind spot monitor, and lane departure warning and correction.

see more at: https://www.cars.com/articles/2016-mercedes-benz-glc-first-look-1420680621251/

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

GM uses old Volt batteries to power office building

General Motors Co said on Tuesday it is using old batteries from its first-generation Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric car for secondary purposes including powering an office building.
The company, which is close to launching the second-generation Volt hybrid plug-in car, said repurposed five used batteries from the first-generation Volt are powering the General Motors Enterprise Data Centre at its Milford Proving Ground. (http://bit.ly/1JVyQ4I)
"Even after the battery has reached the end of its useful life in a Chevrolet Volt, up to 80 percent of its storage capacity remains," said Pablo Valencia, senior manager, battery life cycle management.
GM said it is working on the secondary functions of Volt batteries with partners to test systems for other commercial and non-commercial uses.
In 2012, GM tested repackaged Volt batteries to provide two hours of electricity for three to five average American homes. (http://bit.ly/1G0CDJh)
Unlike electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors Inc , which last month unveiled a separate product for the stationary energy market, GM is focussing on extending the economic life of a battery after its use in an electric vehicle.
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Monday, June 15, 2015


When you live in everyone else’s vacation spot, sometimes you just want... err, need to get out of town. Don’t worry: when that time comes, we’ve already picked out eight getaways for you, all of which are a reasonable drive away and, surprisingly, none of which are theme parks. You’re welcome...

St. Augustine, FL
Distance from Miami: 312.6 miles, four-hour-and-30-minute drive
Why it made our list: It’s the country’s oldest settlement, so history. Take a trip back in time by visiting the Castillo San Marcos or simply walking along the cobblestone streets where folks dress up in old-timey wear.

Key West, FL
Distance from Miami: 164.6, three-hour-and-20-minute drive
Why it made our list: No Florida road trip list would be complete without experiencing the scenic 127-mile Overseas Highway with the Atlantic Ocean to the left and the Gulf of Mexico to the right, and the epic Seven Mile Bridge. Along the way to mile marker zero, make stops at spots like the Postcard Inn for stand-up paddleboarding, Lorelei Cabana Bar & Restaurant or Lazy Days Restaurant for some killer lunch, and The Rain Barrel Artisan Village to take selfies with Betsy, the large spiny lobster statue.

Marianna, FL
Distance from Miami: 544.1 miles, seven-hour-and-40-minute drive
Why it made our list: We’re going to venture that you’ve never heard of Marianna, it’s cool. You’re coming here specifically to take advantage of the Florida Caverns State Park, a dry cave system including interesting science things like stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstones. Golf lovers will be happy to know that there is a decent nine-hole, New Deal-era golf course in the park, as well.

Delray Beach, FL
Distance from Miami: 53.3 miles, 50-minute drive
Why it made our list: This small town is experiencing a revival. Once only reserved for the octogenarian crowd, it’s quickly becoming South Florida’s favorite go-to with a growing art scene and sweet food and drink options. Not to mention, it's got some pretty sweet beaches.

Caladesi Island, FL
Distance from Miami: 290.8 miles, four-hour-and-30-minute drive
Why it made our list: Only accessible by ferry or private boat, this state park features three miles of pristine beaches, giving you that far-away island experience without leaving the state.

St. Petersburg, FL
Distance from Miami: 266.7 miles, three-hour-and-50-minute drive
Why it made our list: This city is like the cool, younger sibling to Tampa with a popping art scene including the Dali Art Museum, Chihuly Collection, and the Museum of Fine Arts. It's even got its own Second Saturday Art Walk along Central Ave that feels like a kind of eclectic fair.

Sanibel & Captiva Islands, FL
Distance from Miami: 163 miles, two-hour-and-30-minute drive
Why it made our list: Getting there is half the fun, as you’ll need to traverse Tamiami Trail, flanked by the vast Everglades on either side. Once there, get ready for the ultimate in laid-back living, as these preserved islands are as small a town as you can get with few chain restaurants and even fewer traffic lights.  

Everglades National Park, FL

Distance from Miami: 42.4 miles, 50-minute drive
Why it made our list: Miamians don't take advantage of the Everglades as much as they should. This is a reminder that they exist and you should visit from time to time. There are many ways to enjoy the park -- hikes, bike rides, canoes, airboats, or the tram... just expect to bump into an alligator or two.

See more info at: http://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/miami/best-road-trips-from-miami-miami-road-trips#slide=6

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Volkswagen Reveals 2016 Jetta GLI

Volkswagen today unveiled the 2016 Jetta GLI, which returns with a sportier appearance and upgraded features. Essentially the sedan version of the Golf GTI four-door performance hatchback, the Jetta GLI comes with a 2.0-liter direct-injected four-cylinder engine that makes 210 horsepower; it has a sport-tuned suspension.
The new model year brings more aggressive exterior styling, led off by a honeycomb grille and fog lights in the front, along with a redesigned rear bumper with a diffuser and dual chrome-tipped tailpipes. Eighteen-inch aluminum-alloy wheels and all-season tires are standard; summer performance tires are optional.

All Jetta models get Volkswagen's new MIB 2 multimedia system, as well as standard post-collision braking, which reduces damage from additional collisions that follow the initial impact. The SE trim includes LED taillights, keyless entry, push-button start, dual-zone climate control, a sunroof, a six-way power driver seat, a backup camera, park assist, heated seats, rain-sensing wipers and a premium Fender audio system. The SEL trim adds blind spot detection with rear traffic alert, navigation and adaptive bi-xenon headlights.

The automaker expects the GLI to hit dealerships in August or September. Pricing was not immediately available, but the 2015 version started at $27,740, including an $820 destination charge.

Check more information clicking: https://www.cars.com/articles/volkswagen-reveals-2016-jetta-gli-1420680578006/

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Is Your Car Part of the Takata Airbag Recall?

2003 Honda Accord NHTSA image

Which cars are included in the Takata airbag recalls? It seems like a straightforward question, but the 

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's May 19 announcement makes it harder than ever to answer.

More than 33 million driver- and passenger-side airbags have been recalled, but not 33.8 million cars, given that millions of cars were recalled for having bad airbags on both sides. Confused? It's just the tip of the iceberg. Back in 2014  at least 7.8 million cars from 10 automakers faced Takata recalls, but the list continues to grow. The recall now affects 11 major automakers, and NHTSA wants to push regional recalls to become national. We reached out to automakers to make sense of it all, and we'll answer some more questions later on.
The most recent update was June 9, 2015.

To see  complete list regarding  Which cars are under recall  visit: https://www.cars.com/articles/is-your-car-part-of-the-takata-airbag-recall-1420680509675

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New effort to ease travel anxiety: assuring your bag fits in bin

MIAMI: Air travelers are all too familiar with carry-on bag anxiety: the feeling sparked by last-minute and sometimes seemingly arbitrary decisions that a piece of luggage is too large to fit in the overhead bin.
On Monday, the world's aviation trade organization, which also focuses on weighty issues such as flight safety and airline profitability, announced an "optimal size" standard and an effort to get world airlines to sign on to the move.
The goal is to give airlines and passengers assurance that compliant bags can board the plane, no questions asked.
"It'll reduce fights between gate agents and passengers," Thomas Windmuller, a vice president of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), said at the group's annual meeting in Miami.
However, the new size is slightly smaller than many current standards. At 21.5 inches (55 cm) by 13.5 inches (35 cm) by 7.5 inches (20 cm), including wheels, that is slightly smaller than the 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches that United Airlines , American Airlines and Delta Air Lines currently allow.
IATA worked with plane makers Boeing and Airbus to find a size guaranteed to fit in bins of planes with 120 seats or more, at least a 737 or A319. Travelers on smaller regional aircraft still take the risk of bags being barred from boarding.
IATA said it is talking with major luggage brands, including Tumi and Samsonite, on making bags at the new size, which it expects will be available this year.
Manufacturer Crown Luggage of China has already produced sample suitcases, which IATA handed out at its three-day event.
The new bags carry an IATA "Cabin OK" tag to tell gate agents and flight crews that the luggage is compliant. Each tag also has a unique tracking number that will allow owners to locate a lost bag via a website, okoban.com.
To read more check: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/lifestyle/new-effort-to-ease-travel/1904280.html

Monday, June 8, 2015

What happened to Ferrari's pace?

Ferrari had an upgraded engine and was the closer to Mercedes in practice than at any time this year. Yet it didn't even get a podium in Canada. BEN ANDERSON evaluates its weekend and prospects
The Canadian Grand Prix was a big race for the Ferrari Formula 1 team. The Scuderia has received widespread praise for closing the monstrously large deficit to Mercedes from last season, and becoming the nearest challenger to the Silver Arrows this year.
But the momentum built up over the first four races of the campaign, which included an unexpected victory for Sebastian Vettel in Malaysia and a near-win for Kimi Raikkonen against the brake-by-wire-less Mercedes in Bahrain, has stuttered since May's Spanish GP, where Ferrari brought a substantial aerodynamic upgrade to the SF15-T but was well beaten by Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton in the end.

Read more at: http://plus.autosport.com/premium/feature/6542/what-happened-to-ferrari-pace/?_ga=1.89194075.137143633.1433800168

Friday, June 5, 2015

Amazon, Google race to get your DNA into the cloud

NEW YORK: Amazon.com Inc is in a race against Google Inc to store data on human DNA, seeking both bragging rights in helping scientists make new medical discoveries and market share in a business that may be worth US$1 billion a year by 2018.
Academic institutions and healthcare companies are picking sides between their cloud computing offerings - Google Genomics or Amazon Web Services - spurring the two to one-up each other as they win high-profile genomics business, according to interviews with researchers, industry consultants and analysts.    
    That growth is being propelled by, among other forces, the push for personalized medicine, which aims to base treatments on a patient's DNA profile. Making that a reality will require enormous quantities of data to reveal how particular genetic profiles respond to different treatments.
Already, universities and drug manufacturers are embarking on projects to sequence the genomes of hundreds of thousands of people.
The human genome is the full complement of DNA, or genetic material, a copy of which is found in nearly every cell of the body.
    Clients view Google and Amazon as doing a better job storing genomics data than they can do using their own computers, keeping it secure, controlling costs and allowing it to be easily shared.
    The cloud companies are going beyond storage to offer analytical functions that let scientists make sense of DNA data. Microsoft Corp and International Business Machines are also competing for a slice of the market. The "cloud" refers to data or software that physically resides in a server and is accessible via the internet, which allows users to access it without downloading it to their own computer.

    Now an estimated US$100 million to US$300 million business globally, the cloud genomics market is expected to grow to US$1 billion by 2018, said research analyst Daniel Ives of investment bank FBR Capital. By that time, the entire cloud market should have US$50 billion to US$75 billion in annual revenue, up from about US$30 billion now.

For complete story check: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/technology/corrected-amazon-googl/1894772.html

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Car lover's dream, McLaren F1 supercar to be sold at auction

NEW YORK: Deep-pocketed car lovers will have a chance to buy a rare McLaren F1 when it goes on the auction block this summer, as part of a sale of a private collection of some of the world's finest sports and supercars.

The 1998 orange, three-seater F1 "LM-Specification" car is one of the highlights of The Pinnacle Portfolio, a collection of more than 20 post-World War Two cars that is expected to fetch a total of more than US$65 million in a standalone sale on Aug. 13 by RM Sotheby's at California's Monterey 2015 Classic Car Auctions.
"It is the single largest private collection that has ever been brought to auction," Ian Kelleher, managing director of RM Auctions, said in an interview.
He expects the McLaren F1 to fetch more than US$12 million.
The collection, which spans 57 years of automotive history and design, boasts some of the finest sports and racing automobiles of the 1950s and 60s and includes Porsches, Ferraris, a 1993 Jaguar XJ220, bookend Bugatti Veyrons and the final Enzo gifted to the late Pope John Paul II.

The McLaren, which is on display at Sotheby's New York headquarters in Manhattan, is one of two that were brought back to the factory and upgraded to the Le Mans race specifications.
The 2005 Ferrari Enzo that was given to the late Pope John Paul II by former Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo has an inscription under the hood and was auctioned on the Pope's behalf with the proceeds going to tsunami victims.

The bookend Bugatti Veyrons, chassis No. 001 and No. 300, are the first and last of the production run.
For complete story visit: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/lifestyle/car-lover-s-dream-mclare/1891528.html

Monday, June 1, 2015

Bridgestone unveils new tire offerings

Bridgestone Americas Inc. has unveiled next-generation versions of its Potenza and Ecopia tires.
The fuel-efficient Ecopia EP422 Plus provides 23 percent better rolling resistance than its EP422 predecessor, according to the Nashville, Tenn.-based tire maker, which is targeting the tire for fitment on Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima and Ford Fusion, among other models.

The all-season tire comes with a 70,000 mile treadwear warranty and improved ride comfort, Bridgestone said during a ride-and-drive event this week in Phoenix.
The tire will be available in April in 43 sizes, ranging from 15- to 18-inch rim diameters in H, T and V speed ratings.
The Ecopia EP422 Plus will be supported with in-store and digital ad materials, the company said, as well as a TV commercial featuring comedian Kim Jeong.
The Potenza RE-71R is, according to company officials, an improvement over the Potenza RE11A performance tire, providing better gripping performance and hydro evacuation tread design.
The summer performance tire will be available in 33 sizes from 15- to 19-inch rim diameters in V and W ratings. The tire is targeted to owners of Honda S2000, Mazda Miata and BMW 3 Series, among others.
Read more at: http://www.rubbernews.com/article/20150402/NEWS/150409993/bridgestone-unveils-new-tire-offerings