Friday, September 18, 2015

The 10 best cars of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show was another doozy this year, one filled to the brim with Tesla-fighting EVstopless Italian supercars, and some truly unique creations from previously unheard-of startups. We got great news from Dacia and a half-car, half-motorcycle concept from Honda, and that was just the start.

As the press days come to a close and arena employees sift through the fallout, the general public is preparing to get their first taste of what Frankfurt’s famous trade show has to offer. So whether you’re prepping your own trip or simply want to recap the proceedings, we’ve got you covered right here. In no particular order, here are our top 10 rides from the Frankfurt Motor Show.

In 2018, Audi will present an all-electric SUV to do battle with the Tesla Model X, and we got a little taste of it in Frankfurt with the e-tron quattro. Despite being a concept, the crossover is likely very close to what we’ll see in 2018 as it closely resembles the brand’s current design language. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg of Audi described the Quattro as a “concrete foretaste” of the eventual production model.

When you think of the smart fortwo, you generally think of a pint-sized city car that you could probably push over with your hands if you tried. In other words, the complete opposite of a limousine. Well, the aptly-named German company Limouzine defied conventions and brought a custom six-wheeled, six-seat “madeforsix” version to Frankfurt. Why not, right?


If you’re wondering what a crossover is doing on our list, rest assured the Gripz Concept is no ordinary crossover.
In what could very preview a future Z car, the Gripz combines a high-riding, rally car stature with SUV-like proportions. According to the automaker, the ultra-modern vehicle “blends the ability and practicality of a compact crossover with the excitement and performance of a sports car.”

Lamborghinis have always been bedroom posters, but the topless Huracan Spyder is more of a centerpiece, an instant classic you frame for display above the fireplace. It really stood out in Frankfurt, which is really saying something when you consider who else was at the party.

Aimed squarely at the Tesla Model S, the all-wheel drive Mission E boasts performance specs that fit right in between the Model S 85D and the Internet-winning P85D. The German’s 800-volt drive system produces over 600 hp and can rocket the car to 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds, but better yet, it can travel more than 310 miles on a single charge. That’s significantly better than any Model S currently available.

People used to buy SUVs for family camping trips or jaunts to the mud pit, but the Bentley Bentayga — the fastest production SUV on the planet — is evidence of how much the segment has changed.


One of the most jaw-dropping vehicles to grace the halls of Frankfurt came from Korean automaker Hyundai, and that’s not something you’ll hear every day. Despite its surprising origin, the Gran Turismo 6-bound racer looks like an awesome Le Mans car from the future, equal parts technologically sophisticated and aesthetically stunning.

Mercedes’ Concept IAA is an “aerodynamics world champion.” Its smooth silhouette slips through the air like an arrow from an archer’s bow, bolstered by a dynamic, adaptive body that literally changes shape with the push of a button.

Kicking off our list is a wacky beach car from French automaker Citroen, a car built for one thing — sun-drenched fun. Starting out in life as the boxy Cactus crossover, the M concept features a chopped roof, a water-resistant neoprene interior, an integrated tent, and rear seats that transform into a sleeping area for pure oceanside bliss. That, and a continuous loop of The Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ Safari,” we assume

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Mini Cooper S is a toy for grownups, and that's a wonderful thing

It’s hard to call the Mini Cooper S four-door a car. Sure it looks like a car, with wheels, an engine, and even four(!) seats. The Mini can even do all of the things you might expect a car to do, like transport humans and their various possessions from place to place but calling the Mini a car is missing the point, really. It’s a toy for grownups; and before I am deluged with angry comments, that’s not a bad thing.
As with most cars not made by Honda or Toyota, the Mini is about much more than just practicality. The difference is that, where other cars make pretenses that they are practical or dignified, the Mini is all about fun, and remember: this car was made by Germans, so that is really saying something.
The Mini Cooper S’s power and acceleration figures don’t jump off the page, but that hides some truly sublime qualities.
For starters, there is the 2.0-liter turbocharged firecracker under the bonnet. The little four cylinder may push out only a 189 horsepower, but the 207 pound feet of torque in the small Mini feel like they came out of a Dodge Hellcat. Mated to a six-speed automatic, this package will push the Mini Cooper S to sixty in 6.2 seconds.

The interior and styling of the Mini Cooper are as extreme as its driving characteristics. Short of cars made by insane companies like Pagani, the Mini Cooper has just about the most styled interior you can find. There is the standard collection of retro touches, including round gauges and the massive round infotainment cluster, and more toggle switches than you can shake a vintage stick at.
It’s a toy for grownups- and that’s not a bad thing.
There is more than just kitsch to the interior. The designers, seem to have a 1958-inspired mentality when it comes ot the interior LED lighting. Everything in the inside has lights on it – the door sills, the infotainment screen bezel, the footwell – everything. In fact, the interior of the cabin is so bright as to be a hassle during night driving. I found my night vision was instantly cooked if I looked away from the windshield.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

NASA Contractors Accused of Fraud Over Vehicle Tire Replacements

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Two contractors hired to manage NASA's vehicle fleet at the Kennedy Space Center defrauded the agency of at least $387,000 for unnecessary tire replacements, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday by federal prosecutors in Florida.

The complaint accuses URS Federal Services Inc of Maryland, owned by the global management services firm AECOM Technology Corp, and its subcontractor, Yang Enterprises of Florida, of systematically defrauding the government between 2009 and 2015 by filing more than 1,000 claims for undocumented and unreasonable early replacement of car tires. URS, AECOM and Yang did not immediately responded to requests for comment.
URS Federal Solutions, based in Germantown, Maryland, holds a $1.4 billion services contract at Kennedy Space Center, and subcontracted management of the 400-vehicle fleet to Yang, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit brought under False Claims Act was filed in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida and seeks "treble damages" for the government. In one example, URS billed the government $1,800 to replace the tires six times within 27 months on one vehicle. Some of the tires had fewer than 5,000 miles of use on them, according to the lawsuit.