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Sidewall Markings

In addition to the tire's brand and line names (tire model), there is a lot of information provided by the manufacturer on the sidewalls of the tires they produce. Some of the branded information provides the tire's basic dimensions and identifies the week it was produced. Other branding lists the types of materials used internally to reinforce the rubber, along with the tire's maximum inflation pressures and loads. And others confirm the manufacturer certifies the tire meets various industry standards and measures up to the government regulations of the nations in which it will be used.
While not all information is branded on every tire, the illustration includes the typical information found on many tires.

Tire sidewall marking image

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Only One Tire Available for My Mazda CX-7?

Many drivers of some Mazda CX-7 models will find that their Original Equipment 215/70R17 tires only have one replacement option when the time comes for a new set -- the Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400. When you search by size, you'll also see there's a winter tire option available with Bridgestone's Blizzak DM-V1. While these two choices will cover any season for most drivers, some customers will find themselves wanting more options.
An alternate size for the Mazda CX-7 is 225/65R17. This size is a little wider and just a little shorter, but it's less than 1/2" change oin both width and height. Therefore, it will fit on the Original Equipment 17x7" wheel.
The 225/65R17 gives you many more options than 215/70R17, and the following all-season options are worth considering.

The Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia is one of Bridgestone's ecologically oriented Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tires developed for the drivers of small- and medium-sized crossover and sport utility vehicles looking to combine year-round traction, handling and comfort with reduced environmental impact. Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia tires are designed to enhance vehicle fuel economy by reducing tire rolling resistance* along with the vehicle's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while delivering year-round all-season traction, even in light snow.

The CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology is Continental Tire's ecologically friendly Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tire developed to help crossovers, sport utility vehicles and light-duty pickup trucks perform on the highway and in mild off-road conditions. The CrossContact LX20 is designed to enhance driving pleasure, save fuel and maintain grip when braking on wet surfaces while providing long wear and all-season traction, even in light snow.
Four circumferential grooves enhance wet traction while Continental’s Traction Grooves (featuring ridges in the outboard grooves) promote three-dimensional snow-to-snow traction.

The Firestone Destination LE 2, Firestone’s Highway All-Season light truck tire, was developed for the drivers of light-duty pickups, vans, crossovers and sport utility vehicles. It is designed to combine long wear, a comfortable ride and all-season traction, even in light snow.
The Destination LE 2 uses a silica-enhanced light truck compound molded into a symmetric tread design that helps grip the road in dry, wet and wintry conditions. Notched shoulder blocks backed by continuous ribs work together to promote dry road handling, even wear and long treadlife. Circumferential and sweeping grooves across the tire’s footprint help evacuate water to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Cross grooves, stepped inside shoulder rib notches and zigzag sipes provide biting edges that promote traction in snow.

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Pascua Florida Day

Pascua Florida Day is celebrated as a state day in Florida, the United States (USA). It usually falls on April 2. It is the anniversary of the discovery of Florida in 1513 by Juan Ponce de León, who searched for gold and the Fountain of Youth. He named the land "Pascua Florida" probably because the date was near Easter.
Public life
Pascua Florida Day is designated as a state day. When it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the governor may declare either the preceding Friday or following Monday as the state day. No transport schedule changes have been announced by major bus companies, such as Greyhound Lines, and train lines, such as Amtrak. According to the Florida Department of Education, Pascua Florida Day is not a school holiday.
Florida was named for the day on which it was discovered by Spanish explorer Ponce de León, who called it La Florida in honor of Pascua Florida, the Spanish Feast of the Flowers at Easter time. While there are no official records, historians believe that Ponce de León was born in 1460 in San Tervas de Campos, Spain.
Ponce de León accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World. He became the first Governor of Puerto Rico by appointment of the Spanish Crown. He is also notable for his voyage to Florida, the first known European excursion there, as well as for being associated with the legend of the Fountain of Youth which is said to be in Florida.
With two vessels, 200 men, 50 horses and other domestic animals, and farm implements, he sailed for Florida. Upon landing on the west coast, his party was fiercely attacked by Native Americans, and he was severely wounded by an arrow. The expedition sailed immediately for Cuba, where Ponce de León died.


Friday, March 27, 2015

The Most Anticipated Miami Restaurant Openings of Spring and Summer 2015

These are the places you should be looking forward to this spring and summer
While spring and summer are the times in South Florida when temperatures rise and things notoriously slow down, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Plenty of new restaurants are on the horizon in the next few months and we've rounded up the ones that should be on everyone's radar.
                                                                                              Photo Courtesy of Beachcraft

Location: 2395 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach
Key Players: Tom Colicchio
Projected Opening: Any day now
This seafood-focused restaurant from Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio is probably Miami's most buzzed about opening of the spring. The restaurant will be housed inside the new 1 Hotel and Homes and feature both indoor and outdoor dining, a raw bar and a cocktail bar.
Location: 800 1st Street, Miami Beach, FL
Key Players: Former Top Chef Masters contestant, Herb Wilson and Menin Hospitality
Projected Opening: May
Housed next door to Radio Bar, the Southeast Asian concept from the Menin Hospitality group promises to have one of the largest selections of whiskeys and sakes in town.
Location: 423 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach
Key Players: Tongue and Cheek's Jamie DeRosa
Projected Opening: Late April 
An ode to coastal New England seafood – and his daughter Isabella – Jamie DeRosa's new 40-seater spot will serve up, you guessed it, plenty of oysters along with other signature dishes like clam chowder and clams at this seafood-centric restaurant. 
Location: 1600 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach
Key Players: William Milan
Projected Opening: April
Located on the third floor the new Hyatt Centric South Beach, this Mediterranean-inspired restaurant will offer up breakfast, lunch and dinner daily created by chef William Milan, formerly of Jose Andres' Bazaar.

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Rio 2016 celebrates 500 days to go and releases daily competition Schedule

24 March 2015 marks 500 days to go until the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and the local organisers have celebrated by releasing the daily competition schedule for the Games.
This will allow fans to begin planning their Games-time programme ahead of the start of ticket sales. The first set of commemorative Games stamps for the 2016 Games was also launched and a 500-days-to-go page on Rio’s website lets us all join in by using the hashtags #RioOlympicDNA, #500days and #nowitshere.
The daily competition schedule shows Olympic fans which sports will take place on which days and gives them the opportunity to already start planning their Games-time experience. The Olympic Games Rio 2016 will officially begin on 5 August 2016 with the Opening Ceremony at the Maracanã Stadium, although the football tournament will get underway two days earlier. Six sporting disciplines will begin on 6 August, with all 28 sports holding their competitions over the following 16 days before the Games come to an end at the Closing Ceremony on 21 August. The full competition schedule with the specific session times will be published on 31 March, when ticket sales start for Brazilian residents. For fans looking to buy tickets outside Brazil, more information can be found on www.rio2016.com.
The first Rio 2016 commemorative postal stamps that were presented today will feature 10 designs representing nine Olympic sports – aquatics, archery, badminton, basketball, cycling, rowing, rugby, weightlifting and wrestling – and Paralympic athletics. In total, the full collection will feature 31 different designs reflecting the fact that Rio 2016 will be the Games of the XXXI Olympiad. The designs show athletes from each sport in motion and the background is formed by Rio 2016’s “Look of the Games”

Rio de Janeiro was elected on 2 October 2009 as the host city of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad at the 121st IOC Session in Copenhagen, Denmark. Rio was elected in the third round of voting, beating the cities of Chicago (United States), Tokyo (Japan) and Madrid (Spain). Rio defeated Madrid in the third round of voting by 66 votes to 32, with Chicago and Tokyo already having been eliminated in the first and second rounds respectively. The Rio 2016 Olympic Games will have 28 sports on the programme and will run from 5 till 21 August 2016.

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2015 New York Auto Show: 12 important vehicles to watch

The 2015 New York Auto Show kicks off next week, and the deluge of previews, sneak peeks, and teasers has already begun. Here's a sampling of the most important new vehicles to watch for at the 2015 New York Auto Show.

These are the most important new vehicles we'll be bringing you from New York:
2016 Cadillac CT6
Shown briefly in ads aired during this year's Super Bowl, the Cadillac CT6 is the GM brand's first real shot at global full-size luxury sedans like the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7-Series. It will pack a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 engine good for 400 horsepower, and Cadillac says it's the only twin-turbo V-6 engine in the world with both cylinder deactivation and stop-start.
2016 Chevrolet Malibu
After just three model years on sale, the Chevy Malibu gets a complete redo for the 2016 model year. The uprated Malibu promises to deliver more safety and space than the previous Malibu--up to four inches more in cabin space--while it weighs some 300 pounds less, thanks to extensive use of high-strength steel.
2016 Chevrolet Spark
The Chevrolet Spark is one of the smallest vehicles sold in the U.S., and it's one of the most pleasant to drive, too. We expect that to carry over as Chevy issues a new Spark for the 2016 model year. The Spark will make its New York show debut, but details are slim as of now.
2016 Hyundai Tucson
Hyundai is set to replace its Tucson small crossover SUV, a model that's been with us since the 2010 model year. The new crossover gets a sleek new look closely akin to the bigger Santa Fe Sport--and for drivetrains, we do expect a a pair of four-cylinders to make the list, with an automatic and possibly a dual-clutch transmission.
2016 Jaguar XF
Jaguar's new XE compact sedan has been seen and even driven, but before it goes on sale in the U.S. (Jaguar is waiting on its new range of four-cylinder engines for the XE's sales debut), the new mid-size XF luxury sedan will go on sale. The new car goes on sale in the fall, with an aluminum body shared in part with the XE and the new F-Pace SUV. Engines should include a turbo four, a turbo six, and a supercharged V-8 in a high-performance XF SVR.
2016 Kia Optima
The new Optima's specifications haven't been released, but we expect it to share again most of the powertrains found in the new Sonata. That could include hybrid and new plug-in hybrid powertrains based around a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, as well as a naturally aspirated four-cylinder and a turbocharged four-cylinder, with automatic and dual-clutch transmissions.
2016 Lexus RX
Lexus has released only this teaser shot of the new vehicle, which has more sculpting than the current model--even some cues that remind us of the new Nissan Murano. No tech details have been issued, but we expect the powertrains to include a new V-6 coupled to a six-speed automatic, and an improved version of the RX Hybrid's gas-electric drivetrain, both with an all-wheel-drive option.
2016 Mitsubishi Outlander
The 2016 Outlander's already been previewed in the form of a plug-in hybrid Concept-S, but New York will host the debut of the production version, which Mitsu says gets an improved interior, better performance, and better handling than the current edition. A plug-in hybrid Outlander is expected to join the U.S. lineup sometime in the middle of next year.
2016 Nissan Maxima
The Maxima looks very much like last year’s Sport Sedan Concept, right down to its split C-pillar and canopy-style roof, but we expect the running gear to be a lot less experimental: here's betting the Maxima draws power from a 3.5-liter V-6 mated to a CVT and spinning the front wheels only.
2016 Scion iA
The new carwill be Scion's first four-door with a trunk; it's essentially the sedan version of the upcoming Mazda 2, a body style that Mazda won't sell in the U.S. iA should be smaller than the compact xB wagon still in the lineup, though its very age suggests the xB will be replaced soon.
2016 Scion iM
The thinly-disguised concept will likely lose its boy-racer wheels and spoiler, retaining the outline of what is essentially the European market's Toyota Auris hatchback. The iM effectively replaces the Toyota Matrix in the company's lineup, and like that discontinued hatchback, the iM likely will share the Toyota Corolla's powertrains.
2016 Smart Fortwo
Already on the move in Europe, the new Smart Fortwo gets its U.S. debut at the New York auto show, with sales due to start here midyear. The new battery-powered Smart isn't due this year, and may not arrive until late 2016. In the interim, Smart will continue to sell the current electric car alongside the new model.

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Best Time to Switch from Winter Tires Back to Summer Tires

It has been a long, cold winter for much of the United States this year. With the recent warm-up in some places, it's understandable that many drivers using winter tires are tempted to swap them off for their summer or all-season tires. 
Why the rush to remove winter set-ups? Many drivers are concerned that their winter tires will wear out quicker during the warmer temperatures. This can be true in prolonged hot conditions, and is the primary reason why winter tires should not be used year-round. However, a few days or even a week of normal driving in warmer temperatures will not damage your snow tires nor cause rapid tread wear with casual driving. 
Keep in mind that temporary warm-ups do not guarantee the end of winter driving. In much of the Snowbelt and northern Midwest, it's not unheard of to experience snowfalls in April. We always advise those looking to prematurely change back to their summer tires to remember why they purchased winter tires in the first place -- safe and confident driving. If you haven't used winter tires in the past, be sure to take a look at "My Story on Winter Tires."

When should you switch back?
 If you own a set of all-season tires, you can consider making the change when daily low temperatures are consistently above freezing each night and the long-term forecast shows no threat of heavy snow. If summer performance tires are your fair weather tires of choice, hold off until all threat of snow and freezing temperatures are gone. Summer tires perform poorly in near-freezing temperatures and offer almost no snow traction. They perform best in warmer temperatures that are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not worth taking the chance of getting caught in snow simply to have your "fun" tires on a week or two sooner.
Be sure to do a thorough inspection of your fair weather tires before putting them back into service. Take a look at "Tire Replacement" to see if your tires can last another season.

by Gary Stanley
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Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S: A Solid Ultra High Performance All-Season at a Good Price

Last year, Yokohama introduced an addition to their Ultra High Performance All-Season line-up with the ADVAN Sport A/S. Unlike previous Yokohama models, this tire features an asymmetric tread pattern that allows it to be rotated side-to-side, as well as front-to-back on non-staggered applications.

During our internal testing, the ADVAN Sport A/S held its own against some of the higher-rated tires in the field in the dry and wet. Also, we took the tire to Sweden last year to see how it handles wintry conditions. The tire offered responsive handling, but wasn't as strong as tires like the Continental ExtremeContact DWS. For a complete recap of our testing, take a look at "Testing Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires: Single-Focus Specialists or Well-Rounded Athletes?"

With a 50,000-mile treadlife warranty and a very low price-point, this tire is quickly becoming one of the categories hottest sellers. Offering broad market coverage and a long list of sizes, the Yokohama Advan Sport A/S is a good choice for consumers looking for a tire with a high-speed rating, responsive feel and more treadlife than a performance summer tire.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

5 Financial Things Everyone Should Do in Their 20s

There is no better time to set yourself up for a lifetime of financial success than in your 20s. While this decade may seem daunting as you tick off milestones such as college graduation, starting your first “real” job and possibly marriage, taking control of your finances is an integral part of growing up and becoming a successful and independent adult. To help you successfully navigate your finances, here are five money milestones everyone should strive to hit in her 20s.

1. Start saving for retirement. While retirement may seem a millennium away in your 20s, you’d be surprised how quickly time flies. Start saving money now to allow it to accrue and grow by your golden years. Think of it as letting your money age like a fine wine.

2. Set a budget and live within your means. Simply put, make sure you have more money coming in than going out. Overspending is a big financial problem for many in their 20s, landing many in some serious debt down the road. Avoid overspending by establishing a monthly budget based on income and fixed expenses like rent and bills.

3. Create a debt reduction plan. Once you have established a budget, it’s time to get your hands dirty and tackle debt. First, make a list of all your debt. Figure out how much you owe, the interest rate of each debt and the minimum payment due. Then review your budget to determine how much you can realistically afford to put toward paying down the debt.

4. Establish an emergency fund. We know, we know, you have already taken care of your bills and paid down some debt, and now we’re telling you to stash away even more money? Well, yes, but for good reason! Setting up an emergency fund will protect you when life hits you with unexpected and, at times, costly expenses. Whether you lose your job, get hit with a big medical bill or your furry friend has to go to the vet, this fund will act as a safety net. Start by saving $1,000.

5. Set a long-term goal. Do you dream of buying a home, traveling the world or sending your unborn children to college? No matter how big or how small your long-term goals are, planning for these life events now will make these goals attainable sooner rather than later. Savings accounts are a great way to achieve these goals, so it is best to set aside that money before you ever see it (either through an automated savings plan or a paycheck deduction).
Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. Accomplishing these milestones in your 20s will help to set a strong financial foundation while you are still young and set the stage for a successful financial future.

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Buying new tires:
For the most enjoyable driving experience it's important to replace worn tires. Optimum traction helps provide responsive handling for a smooth, reliable ride. To determine when you should start shopping, follow these simple steps.
First, test the tread. Pinch a penny between your thumb and forefinger, so that the top of Lincoln's head is showing.
Place the top of Lincoln's head into one of the tire tread grooves - try to measure in the deepest point within the tread.
If any part of Lincoln's head is obscured by the tread, your tires have enough tread. However, if you can see above the head, you're ready for a new tire.
You should always check your tires in several tread locations. Be sure to check the inner, outer, and middle grooves of each tire, as tires can wear differently on each side, due to improper wheel alignment and/or low inflation.

Choosing a new tire: What should you consider?
Look for tires that excel in tests for braking, handling.
Let treadwear, ride comfort, noise, and rolling resistance help narrow your choices. (Goodyear's comparative tread-life tests demonstrate that a manufacturer's warranty doesn't always reflect how a tire will wear, but used as an estimate, it's an important piece of information)

Choosing a vehicle tire depends on where you live, weather and terrain issues, what performance expectations you have, and what your vehicle requires.

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Bridgestone DriveGuard Run-Flat: Not Just for BMW and MINI

Traditionally, run-flat tires have been used mainly for limited vehicle types as specified by certain manufacturers for Original Equipment use. Prime examples of this is are BMW 3 Series vehicles since the mid-2000s, the new MINI Cooper and all fifth-generation and newer Chevrolet Corvettes. 

These vehicles once represented a small portion of the market that relied on the use of run-flat tires to keep the vehicle mobile due to the lack of a spare tire and jack kit. The expectation of a run-flat tire is that it can support the weight of the vehicle without air pressure and provide extended mobility to get you to your destination without being stuck on the side of the road.  

With the introduction of the DriveGuard, Bridgestone looks to not only capture market share on this segment, but also introduce run-flat technology to markets who would have otherwise never considered it. While the DriveGuard may not ride quite as softly as a traditional tire, it has made huge advances from earlier generation run-flats in terms of its ride comfort and longevity. Given the tire's competitive price-point, attractive mileage warranty and capable all-season ability, it may be something for you to consider if you have any fear of being stranded or do not have a spare tire and wheel assembly.  

The only requirement for using a run-flat is that your vehicle must be equipped with tire pressure monitor sensors. This represents most vehicles produced in the last decade and all vehicles manufactured from 2008 and onward. To date, the Bridgestone DriveGuard has been released in 32 sizes allowing for broad market coverage in wheel diameters from 15"-19".   - See more at: http://blog.tirerack.com/blog/motorsport-messages-from-marshall/bridgestone-drivegaurd-run-flat%3A-not-just-for-bmw-and-mini?affiliate=BF7#sthash.EIgMpg5c.dpuf

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St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day, on March 17, remembers one of Ireland’s patron saints, St Patrick. It largely celebrates Irish-American culture in the United States.

Celebrate St Patrick's Day
 Celebrations concentrate on Irish themed parties, drinks and food. Many people get into the spirit by dressing in green clothing and eating green colored food. Irish clubs and pubs often hold parties or have special deals. Large street parades mark St Patrick's Day in places like: Savannah, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Denver, Detroit, Toronto, New York, New Orleans and Seattle.
Water is dyed green in public places in some towns. The most notable body of water that was dyed green was the Chicago River in 2005.

What's Open or Closed?
St Patrick's Day is not a federal holiday in the United States. Schools, businesses and organizations are open as usual. Public transport systems run on their regular schedules. There may be some local disruption to traffic due to St Patrick's Day parades.

About St Patrick's Day
Patrick's Day is fixed on March 17, but may occasionally be moved by Catholic Church authorities. This happened in 1940, so that the celebrations would not fall on Palm Sunday, and in 2008 to avoid Holy Monday, the last Monday before Easter Sunday.

The most common St Patrick's Day symbol is the shamrock. The shamrock is the leaf of the clover plant and a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Other symbols include: Almost anything green and the green, orange and white flag of the Republic of Ireland.

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New York International Auto Show April 1, 2015

Mark your calendars, New York International Auto Show will be back at the Jacob Javits Center from April 3 - 12, 2015 and will have some of the hottest cars and trucks ever seen all under one roof.
That means more sneak peeks, more brand new '15 & '16 production models and more concept vehicles than ever before.

2015 Show Information:
Jacob Javits Convention Center 11th ave
between 34 & 40 Streets
Public Show Dates
Friday April 3rd through Sunday April 12th
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 10pm *
(Sundays: 10am - 7pm)*
Official Opening Day
Saturday April 4th
Festivities begin at 8:30am
Press Preview
Credentials required
Wednesday April 1st & Thursday April 2nd
Dealer Preview Reception
Credentials required
Thursday April 2nd from 5-10pm
Reception from 5-7 pm
By invitation only

Curious about what you can expect on your visit to the New York International Auto Show? Through one of the world’s largest Google Business View tours, you can experience several levels of the 2014 New York International Auto Show prior to attending the event. As you explore the show, be on the lookout for 5 vehicles that you can explore the interior of, plus our start button icons throughout the Show floor


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Five Days on Bora Bora

This is the world's most famous playground and the perfect place to do everything or nothing at all. To help plan your time, here is a sample of activities:

Day One
Circle the Island on Land
 4x4 safari on hidden roads up to overlooks and historical sites.
Rent a car, a two person "fun car" or a bicycle for a ride along the flat roads.
Narrated coach tour with stops at beaches and fruit stands along the way.

Day Two
Circle the Island by Water
Jump on jet skis or waterskies and scoot along the smooth lagoon for an exhilarating ride.
Charter a Boston Whaler powerboat or rent a motorboat and enjoy stops for snorkeling or a beach picnic.
Step foot on a powered canoe and tour the Lagoonarium, play with rays, and discover dozens of snorkeling spots.
Take sail in a catamaran for a sunset cruise accompanied by local musicians and dancers.
End your day at one of the five-star resort restaurants.

Day Three
Circle the Island by Air
Climb onboard a helicopter for a breathtaking ride high above this neon-colored world.
Strap into a parasail for one or for two and glide effortlessly above the lagoon.
Celebrate your adventures at the famous local restaurants including Bloody Mary's.

Day Four
Explore the Underwater World. Meet the large marine life at one of the famous dive sites including:
ANAU: Lagoon dive known for regular encounters with giant manta rays.
TAPU: Ocean dive known as a classic shark dive.
MURI MURI: Ocean dive often joined by turtles and dolphins.
TEAVANUI PASS: Pass dive framed with purple coral walls

Day Five
Shop and Beach Hop

Discover the dozens of shopping areas for art, handcrafts, pearls, and fragrant Tahitian oils.
Visit the artisan galleries and pick up your own Bora Bora original.

Spend the afternoon enjoying famous Matira Beach or the famous beaches around Motu Tapu.

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Friday, March 13, 2015


Miami Beach is full of happy hour hot spots where you can unwind with specialty cocktails and bar bites that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual scene or something more trendy, there’s plenty of unique happy hour destinations to try that will have you and your wallet feeling happy.

Doraku is the go-to sushi spot on Lincoln Road, offering its guests two ways to drink on the cheap. The sushi restaurant features happy hour during lunch (weekdays, 12-3 p.m. and weekends, 1-3 p.m.). 
Meat Market in South Beach recently revamped its signature Friday happy hour (5-8 p.m.), featuring new offerings that include $10 Veuve Clicquot Brut, Yellow Label by the glass, $8 classic Belvedere martinis and $7 signature cocktails such as Tangerine Dream made with gin and kiwi.

The Forge hosts its Friday night Veuve Clicquot Happy Hour (6-9 p.m.) at its whimsical bar, with $50 bottles, $10 glasses and $7 specialty cocktails..
Cecconi’s is nestled in a tree-lined outdoor garden inside the Soho Beach House, and presents a revamped “4 to 7” happy hour (Tuesday-Saturday, 4-7 p.m.).

Monty’s is a South Beach icon with its views of the Miami sunset, relaxing poolside vibe and inexpensive happy hour (Monday-Friday, 4-8 p.m.). What makes this spot such a go-to for cheap drinks is that all liquor is served half off the original price.

The new Vintro Hotel & Kitchen gets on the happy hour wagon with its new offering available at the hotel’s upscale Scorpion Bar. Available on Thursday evenings only (5-8:30 p.m.).
Tongue & Cheek offers an everyday happy hour (4-8 p.m.) with half off select bottles of wine, $8 per glass, $5 craft beer on tap and $8 handcrafted cocktails, including its signature T&C Whiskey Sour made with Woodford Reserve.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

America's Largest Mall Might Be Built in Miami Lakes

Apparently Miami has not reached peak shopping mall. Not by a long shot. Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced today that developers are planning to build the largest mall in America (possibly even the world) near the intersection of the Florida Turnpike and I-75 in Miami Lakes.
The project is being developed by the Triple Five Group, who is also behind the Mall of America in Minneapolis (the country's largest mall by number of stores) and the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada, which is the largest mall in North America.
Gimenez relayed the news to the Miami Herald, which claims the project will be spread out over 200 acres. In addition to shopping, the complex would include a Legoland theme park, a ski slope, a submarine ride, and other attractions.
Gimenez estimates that the mall's construction would create 25,000 jobs, and once built the mall would create 25,000 permanent jobs. Of course, mall jobs are not particularly well paying.
But is there that much room in Miami's booming retail market?

There are other planned projects. Brickell City Center will feature 500,000 square feet of high-end retail, including a new Saks Fifth Avenue. The Miami Worldcenter project in downtown includes 765,000 square feet of retail, along with a new Macy's and Bloomingdale's.
But apparently Miami's retail scene has room to grow. Retail vacancy rates are at an exceptionally low 3.8 percent and retail rents are going for an eye-popping $45.18 per square foot on average. That means retailers are definitely desperate to be in the Miami market.
Of course, most of that retail demand is being driven by foreign visitors.

By Kyle Munzenrieder Thu., Mar. 5 2015 at 2:57 PM

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Apple Watch Detailed, as Company Makes Wearable Push

These were some of the things Apple announced on Monday 9, 2015:

Apple Watch can be customized. Users will be able to read and respond to messages, use Apple Pay and view notifications, among other things. The watch will also feature a range of third-party apps, including Uber and Shazam. The battery charge lasts about 18 hours.
The watch will be available for pre-order on April 10. Prices for the watch range from $350 for the sport model to $10,000 and higher for the high-end model.
The new MacBook computer, Apple’s thinnest and lightest ever at 2 pounds, has an improved keyboard and a retina display. It starts at $1,300.
HBO is announcing a standalone streaming service called HBO Now, found exclusively on Apple TV at release.
The Apple TV device will now cost $69.
A software system called ResearchKit can be used for medical research.
There are 700,000 locations that accept Apple Pay

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Round 5 of the inaugural FIA Formula E racing series will take place in Miami on March 14, 2015.
The Miami ePrix will take place on an eight turn, 1.35-mile circuit located in Downtown Miami, Florida, along Biscayne Bay and next to the American Airlines Arena, home to the Miami Heat NBA basketball team. Don't miss this exciting race!
As well as a full day’s racing, fans will get to enjoy Formula E’s new FE School Series support race, which sees children from 10 local schools compete using mini electric karts around the full-size race track. Tickets also include access to Formula E’s eVillage - or fan zone - featuring a variety of off-track entertainment including eBike stunt displays, driver autograph sessions and racing simulators.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Goodyear’s Concept Tires Shift Shapes and Generate Electricity

There was a time when concept cars exhibited such radical pie-in-the-sky thinking that you wondered whether the designers used LSD or had their six-year-olds draw the first sketches. With automakers now rigidly focused on making money, it seems the tire manufacturers are the primary generators of mind-melting creativity these days. That’s certainly the case at the 2015 Geneva auto show, where Goodyear introduced its electricity-producing BHO3 and shape-shifting Triple Tube concept tires. Naturally, they’re wrapped in tread patterns that would look crazy even on the bottom of a running shoe.

Goodyear BH03 Concept Tire

The BHO3 (above) uses thermoelectric and piezoelectric materials embedded in the tread to convert the energy from heat and deformation into electricity as the tire rolls down the road. Goodyear gives no indication as to exactly how much electricity the BHO3 could generate, but it does make the rather bold claim that “this visionary tire technology could eliminate the vehicle-range anxiety motorists may have with electric cars.” Of course, neither Goodyear nor common sense suggest such a tire will be in production any time soon. We are, however, expecting electricity-producing shock absorbers to become a reality within a few years.

Goodyear Triple Tube Concept Tire

While the name BHO3 has us scratching our heads, the Triple Tube (above) leaves nothing to the imagination. Three tubes located just below the tread allow fine adjustments in the pressure along the inner and outer shoulders and the center of the tire. An internal pump transfers air between the main chamber and the three tubes to vary the tire’s contact patch on the fly. Goodyear imagines three different modes that adapt to the driving conditions. The eco/safety position uses maximum pressure in all three tubes for reduced rolling resistance. Setting the center tube to a higher pressure than the shoulders resists hydroplaning in wet conditions. The sporty mode increases the size of the contact patch by reducing the pressure of the inboard tube

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March 4, 2015 at 3:23 pm by Eric Tingwall