Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SSR – Runflat Tires from Continental

Continental SSR Tires
SSR stands for SelfSupportingRunflat Tire

The SSR principle:
Unlike conventional tires, the SSR principle is based on a reinforced self-supporting sidewall. This prevents the inside of the tire from getting pinched between the road and the rim and from slipping into the rim well in the event of a loss of inflation. The SSR's reinforced sidewall enables the car to continue on its way at a maximum speed of 80 km/h (50 mph)for up to
80 km (50 miles), depending on road conditions and vehicle weight

SSR runflat tires offer crucial advantages
With SSR tires you remain mobile in the event of a flat tire. You can reach your destination or tire service facility without the bother of having to replace a flat tire with the spare tire
Compatible with standard rims
Simple mounting
Saves room and weight, and thus fuel, giving you as much as 3 cubic feet more cargo area

Communication between tire and driver

Because of the good riding comfort SSR tires afford, drivers hardly notice any pressure loss in the event of a flat; to increase both safety in the event of a flat and performance during normal driving, the SSR system is supplied together with an inflation warning system – either TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) or DDS (Deflation Detection System), both of which were likewise developed by Continental. These warning systems alert the driver when a drop in inflation pressure requires investigation via a display on the instrument panel.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Goodyear Concept Tires Offer a Glimpse of the Future...Visionary tire technologies showcased at Geneva Motor Show

Two groundbreaking concept tires unveiled by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company at this week’s 85th Geneva International Motor Show could radically change the role of car tires in the future.
Though the two tires are concept products, the futuristic technologies stretch the imagination and provide a glimpse of what practical innovations may be on the horizon.
The first concept – named “BHO3” – offers the possibility of charging the batteries of electric cars by transforming the heat generated by the rolling tire into electrical energy. The second concept – named “Triple Tube” – contains three tubes that adjust tire inflation pressure in response to changing road conditions, delivering new levels of performance and versatility.
Additional details on the two concept tires:
This tire generates electricity through the action of materials in the tire that capture and transform the energy created by heat when it flexes as it rolls during normal driving conditions. The materials used would optimize the tire’s electricity generation capabilities as well as its rolling resistance.
As demand for electric cars grows, this technology has the potential to significantly contribute to the solution of future mobility challenges. This visionary tire technology could eliminate the vehicle-range anxiety motorists may have with electric cars.

This tire features three internal tubes within the tire. Tubes are located beneath the tread and near the inboard and outboard shoulders of the tire as well as the center. The tire relies on an internal pump that moves air from the main air chamber to the three individual air chambers, or tubes. The tire automatically adjusts – on its own – to three different positions based on road conditions.
.  The Eco/Safety position – with maximum inflation in all three tubes – offers reduced rolling resistance.
.  The Sporty position – with reduced inflation within the inboard shoulder tube – gives drivers dry handling through an optimized contact patch. 
.  The Wet Traction position – with maximized inflation in the center tube – provides high aquaplaning resistance through a raised tread in the center of the tire. 

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

8 Essential Technological Innovations For Cars

There are many technological improvements in the automotive world over the last decade. breaks down the 8 most essential innovations you need in your car.

Rear Mounted Camera
With a rear-mounted camera, reverse parking will never be an issue again. You’ll never have to worry about dinging up your car (or a stranger’s) or scraping your bumper on any surface. No longer will a curb, ice or fence ruin your paint job.
Having a rear-mounted camera is almost like having a sixth sense; the visual aid provided by the camera (usually appearing on the dashboard or centre console).

Lane Watch Cameras
The next level of camera implementation technology are lane watch cameras which are a feature on the 2015 Honda CRV and other models, although other manufacturers implement them as well.

Night View Assist Plus
Driving during the evening and night always presents challenges. With reduced visibility and the all-encompassing blackness of the night, especially in rural areas, Night View Assist Plus by Mercedes-Benz can recognize potential hazards on the road within a range of up to 160 meters, ensuring a safe and collision free ride.

Electric Engine Cars
Electric engine cars are just that; automobiles that are propelled by electric motors that utilize batteries and/or other electric energy sources. Electric cars have come a long way in the recent years. The travel ranges of all makes and models are increasing, although the size of the electric car and batteries used determine how far it can go.

Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors is an American company that ONLY designs and manufactures electric cars. What makes Tesla Motors different than your other electric car manufacturers is that not only did they produce the world’s first fully electronic sports .

Laser Headlights
Sounds cool but it’s probably not what you’re thinking; you won’t be able to shoot actual lasers from your car’s headlights.

Hands-free Lift Gate
Have your hands been so full that opening the trunk door was a Mission: Impossible?
Fear not! (At least, not anymore) More and more vehicles, such as the 2015 Lincoln MKC and the 2014 Ford Escape Titanium come equipped with the hands-free lift gates

USB Car Charger
With all the electronic devices everyone has, one USB charger usually doesn’t suffice, especially if you have kids or carpool. A USB Car Charger  with multiple ports comes in very handy.

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Friday, April 24, 2015


Our North Miami Store has moved... we're near our old location but with more and better benefits for our customers.

Here's our new address:

20282 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL, 33169

Try our tires and services, make a positive review of us (as we know you will love it) at Yelp, Google+ or and get 5% off from your invoice.

The best swimming pools in Miami. Dying to escape the beach crowds? Dive into—or just lounge by—these irresistible swimming pools instead.

Why go through the trouble of finding (and likely sneaking into) a pool when Miami’s got miles and miles ofbeaches? For starters, there are the cabanas, some of which come fully furnished with TVs and Wi-Fi, and the daytime parties—think cocktails and DJ sets. Then there’s the going home with a bag full of sand thing, which you can thoroughly avoid by booking an overnight stay at a hotel with a pool so grand it’s exclusive to guests (Miami loves its velvet ropes). Whatever your reason, we suggest paying a visit to Miami’s 10 best swimming pools.

Retro, woven lounge chairs in sunny yellow line this decidedly hip pool that overlooks the bay. Everyone’s welcome, as nonguests can purchase a day pass that grants them access to the pool and various spa amenities. Expect a chill vibe even on weekends, when locals make their way to the adjacent deck and bar area for happenings such as the Lazy Sunday barbecue

Coral Gables developer George Merrick built the Venetian Pool out of coral rock quarry back in the 1920s; since then it’s been host to pageants, the Miami Symphony and throngs of people looking to splash around in the country’s largest freshwater pool 

Biltmore Hotel
Guests of the historic Biltmore Hotel won’t find a more relaxing oasis in the city than the 23,000-square-foot pool. The storied locale was a favorite of “Hollywood Mermaid” Esther Williams, who frequently performed water shows at the hotel, and was where the original Tarzan served as lifeguard.

Conrad Miami
On the 13th floor of Conrad—amid a cluster of skyscrapers in Brickell, downtown Miami’s financial district—is this sanctuary overlooking Biscayne Bay. Beside the heated, three-lane pool, you’ll find tropical cabanas to relax in and a bar to quench your thirst. It’s open to hotel guests and those who book a spa treatment

You’re more likely to bump into a celebrity while lounging poolside at the Fontainebleau than you are anywhere else in Miami.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day 2015: Biking, Hiking and Planting Trees

April 22 is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. This year’s theme is “It’s Our Turn to Lead.”

Back then, about 20 million people around the world were mobilized. This year, more than one billion people are planning to take action to protect theplanet. And the events will be large and small.
In Plant City, Florida, a community garden is holding its first Earth Dayfundraiser. The Plant City Commons Community Garden celebration will beheld outdoors. The event will include food, music and workshops ongardening. But visitors can also shop for plants, gardening tools and localfarm goods. Artists and artisans will also display their goods for sale.Proceeds from the event will help support the garden.
Garden President Karen Elizabeth told the Plant City newspaper that thegroup always wanted to organize a family-fun day.

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Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: March 2015

March wasn't overly generous to many automakers as sales were mostly flat overall versus last year. Low gas prices might have influenced buyers to opt for crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks, but even that conventional wisdom didn't play out across the board in March.

Of the major automakers Ford, General Motors, Honda and Nissan all saw sales drop in March, but Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Toyota were up. While none of the movements in either direction were significant enough for concern or celebration, the performances will all generally be seen as a negative.

In the all-important truck realm, Ford continued to see its top-selling F-Series line falter with sales down 4.6 percent in March. Ram's 1500 pickup was also down 2.2 percent, while Chevy's Silverado was up 7 percent. Toyota saw positive gains in March with the soon-to-be-replaced Tacoma up 10 percent, but the Tundra was down 0.7 percent.

Full-size SUV sales also didn't get a boost from lower fuel prices with GM's new Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon slipping as did Dodge's Durango. But Ford's Explorer saw a significant uptick of 17 percent.

Small SUVs, midsize sedans and compact sedans also saw similar mixes in terms of performance. Incentives likely contributed to some of the positive movements as well as new models going on sale in the first quarter.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Top 2015 Summer Tires

Although winter is officially over (at least that’s what it says in the calendar), many of you may still want to hold on to your winter tires for a few more weeks.

In the meantime, it’s summer shoe shopping time! If they’re not already on, perhaps take a look at your summer tires to make sure they are in decent shape. Although the weather and road conditions will be clement (had better be!), rubbers in good condition are a must. It will rain this spring and summer so if your plan is to not aquaplane yourself into a ditch, a proper amount of remaining tread depth is a good thing to have.
Buying a new set of tires continues to be a complex undertaking given that countless new “inexpensive” brands persist and flood the market with new makes and models, all seemingly affordable and flawless. Needs, expectations, budget, and (most importantly) safety are important factors that must be met.

The following list of top recommendations, has been devised to help you along with selecting your best options.
As well, we’ve included P225/45R17 tires on the list, as it has become a common standard and optional performance tire size. The below recommendations apply only to those marked as “performance” .

Here are the picks:

Best tire in the $100-$150 range (P205/55R16)
Pirelli P4 A/S Plus (touring): Comfort biased, good handling, low-rolling resistance
Continental PureContact (performance): A high mileage, DWS rating*, low-rolling resistance tire with a “V” rating
Toyo Extensa A/S (touring): High mileage tread, good handling

Best tire in the $150-$200 range (P205/55R16)
Toyo Proxes 4+ (performance): A fairly high mileage performance tire with a “V” rating
Toyo Versado Noir (touring): Eco low-rolling resistance technology, average mileage, and quiet tire
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 (performance): Good low-temp and wet grip, excellent dry, strong lateral grip
Michelin Premiere (touring): High-mileage tread, good wet traction, EverGrip Technology**
Pirelli P7 A/S Plus (performance): Comfort biased, good handling, low-rolling resistance with a “V” rating
Yokohama Avid Ascend (touring): Eco low-rolling resistance technology, high mileage and quiet tire
Bridgestone Turanza Serenity + (touring): Quiet, comfort biased, good handling
Bridgestone Driveguard (touring): Comfort biased, good handling, quiet runflat replacement

Best tire: $225 + (P225/45R17)
Michelin Pilot Super Sport (summer performance): Fairly high mileage ultra-high performance, good wet traction   
Michelin Pilot A/S 3 (all-season performance): Good low temp and wet grip, excellent dry, strong lateral grip
Bridgestone Potenza RE97AS (all-season performance): Quiet, comfort biased, superior handling
Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105 (summer performance): Ultra-high performance, decent wet traction   
Toyo Proxes T1 Sport (high performance): Good handling, generous footprint, and quiet

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Monday, April 20, 2015

The 10 Most Annoying Car Features

Every year, we test hundreds of new cars on all types of roads in all kinds of weather. During that time we develop some deep-seated animosity toward certain features, even those that you might not expect. 

1. Touch-Sensitive Controls 
As car reviewers, we have railed against the increased use of touch-sensitive controls - electronic "buttons" that have no actual physical button to press - since their earliest incarnation. Consumers complained too, and we're seeing these buttonless buttons drop like flies. 
2. Touch-Screen-Dependent Controls 
One thing almost everyone likes is a big, beautiful touch-screen in the middle of their dash. They're terrific for viewing maps, album artwork, etc. But we can't stand when a car requires you to use the touch-screen to control a simple function like, let's say, adjusting where the air conditioning hits your body. Yes, we're looking at you, Chrysler. 

3. Stereo Tuning Buttons Instead of Knobs 
In some cars tuning the radio station via a button - whether a physical one or on a touch-screen - is no big deal, but in many it is a royal pain. Especially when you just want to flip to a station to get a traffic report. Using a knob or dial will get you there quickly; using a button can sometimes require a push of that button to go past every increment on the radio spectrum, one push to go from 101.1 to 101.2 and on and on.  
4. Navigation Systems That Lock Out Passengers 
In the age of driver distraction, it makes sense for a navigation system to lock a driver out of certain functions, like entering a destination address. However, this lockout is in place when a passenger wants to help out, too. Wouldn't it be great to hop in the car with your co-pilot and start driving right away while he or she starts typing in a destination? Nope, you'll have to keep it in Park and waste precious minutes ... and don't get us started on what happens if a new destination pops into your mind while you're en route. Your passenger will whip out a smartphone app, lickety-split. 
5. Giant Key Fobs 
Car keys that actually get inserted into an ignition switch are slowly disappearing, replaced by a key fob that can electronically start the car even if it is in your purse or pocket. That we like. While those carrying purses might not mind a large fob that is easy to locate, those drivers who have to put them in their pockets likely don't appreciate giant fobs that bulge out of even non-skinny jeans. Automakers like Ford and Kia are the serious offenders here. 
6. Square Cupholders 
Remember the last time you bought a bottle of Fiji water and thought, "I wonder why only one company makes a square bottle?" Well, designers of car cupholders must think they're common because there are more than a few cars on the road forgoing round receptacles for square ones, including late-model Subarus. 
7. Auto Stop-Start
Saving gas is a priority for many drivers and almost every automaker. One approach that engineers have found to boost fuel economy is with an automatic stop-start function that cuts the engine when you come to a stop. It's great in theory, but it can be annoying in practice. Some cars manage a somewhat smooth stop, while others ... not so much. It's especially annoying when your high-powered German sport sedan rumbles up to the stoplight, and you're looking good and feeling good behind the wheel, then all of a sudden there's a dramatic shudder and that rumble disappears. It's deflating, to be sure. 
8. Voice-Controlled Systems 
Talking to a computer has been a dream of science fiction since "2001" ... the movie, not the year. Now, nearly every automaker has some sort of voice-controlled system available where you can touch a button and then give a voice command to the car's onboard computer to execute without taking a hand off the steering wheel. There's just one Hal-like issue here: These systems often don't understand what you're saying. That, or the command you give must follow a very specific formula that never sounds quite as good as "Tea, Earl Grey, hot." 
9. Car Alarms 
Car alarms serve a specific purpose; they're intended to shoo away car thieves. However, in today's world, most people tune out these blaring sirens and flashing lights assuming that the car alarm is malfunctioning, the car is getting towed or someone with a really loud stereo drove by. Basically, they think it's anything but a theft.

 10. Small Side Mirrors 
Some editors nitpick about blind spots, but for most of us good side mirrors do the trick when making a lane change. That's why when we test a car with miniscule mirrors, we start getting annoyed. When you can't see much of the abutting lane in the mirror you must rely on the over-the-shoulder glance, and you better not be in a sports car, which are notorious for bad visibility.

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